Case Study

Bringing People and Process Together

Product Mapping with Gainsight PX

Explore how Acquia, the open digital experience company, transformed their customer experiences by harnessing the insights provided by Gainsight PX. Dive into their success story and discover the incredible impact on user behavior and customer satisfaction.

Three Ways Gainsight PX Empowered Acquia

    • Deep Analytics for Enhanced User Experience: Gainsight PX's robust analytics allowed Acquia to capture quantitative data on product and feature adoption. By gaining a clearer picture of user happiness, adoption, engagement, retention, and task success, Acquia was empowered to enhance the overall user experience.
    • Product Mapping for Scalable Insights: Acquia leveraged Gainsight PX's Product Mapper to model their product features and modules seamlessly. Overcoming the challenge of multiple interconnected products, the product mapping initiative brought valuable insights and scalability, without overburdening the team's resources.
    • Instant Improvements with In-App Engagements: With Gainsight PX, Acquia identified a major workflow issue impacting user experience. Implementing in-app engagements, they guided users to the right product, leading to a remarkable 28% reduction in user frustration. These data-driven decisions helped Acquia align with their customer's needs, boosting expansion and retention.

Download the full case study now and discover how data-driven insights can revolutionize your customer interactions.

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