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Adobe's Approach to In-Product Guidance: Key Learnings and Successes with PX & Audience Manager

It’s no secret that in-product messaging has become an important part of product strategy and customer success. Whether it’s a product notification, new feature release, onboarding engagement, or a feature activation play, all of these types of engagements help your customers become successful with your product.

Watch two of Adobe’s PX experts, Jackie Chevallier and Conner Hatfield, walk you through how they developed an in-product strategy for Adobe Audience Manager alongside Gainsight’s PX Client Outcomes Director, Harshi Banka.

You’ll walk away from this session with:

  • Best practices for delivering in-product experiences
  • How to measure success – key wins for Adobe Audience Manager with PX
  • Lessons learned and recommendations to consider for your in-product strategy
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