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Alfresco and Gainsight Partner to Improve Efficiency and Bring Consistency to Customer Journey

Alfresco is an enterprise open-source software company focused on driving the convergence of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) to advance the flow of digital business. Its Customer Success organization encompasses all of post-sales functions, from CSM and Operations to Support and Professional Services. CSMs are each responsible for anywhere from 80 to 100 accounts.

Alfresco implemented Gainsight across the CSM organization and made reliable customer data visible to the entire Customer Success team.

With Gainsight, Alfresco:

  • Created the C360 view, centralizing all salient data in one easy-to-access, visual location
  • Surfaced risk events through CTAs and triggered effective, consistent Playbooks to respond to those risks
  • Customized dashboards visible across functions to monitor data accuracy and cleanliness, ensuring that all eyes are seeing reliable data
  • Uncovered and resolved issues they weren’t aware of before
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