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Best Practices in Enterprise Product Management

With the growth of product management exploding over the last several years, there are more product teams than ever seeking advice on best practices and how to create successful products.

Much of the product advice available is from companies building products for consumers (Business-to-Consumer or B2C). However, there are important differences between creating B2C products and creating Enterprise products, also known as Business-to-Business or B2B. B2B2C companies face similar challenges.

Enterprise product managers and product teams face distinct challenges such as:

  • The loud voice of Sales influencing product priorities
  • Important clients demanding specific solutions
  • Having to meet the needs of both buyers and end users
  • Struggles in applying an MVP (minimum viable product) mindset
  • Inflexible product release deadlines
  • Prioritizing product work and creating an accurate product roadmap given all of the above

Do one or more of those symptoms sound familiar? What is an Enterprise product team to do?

Come hear Product Management author, trainer, and consultant Dan Olsen share his advice on Best Practices in Enterprise Product Management.

Dan will share relevant advice from his bestselling book The Lean Product Playbook.

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