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How Bizzabo Drives User-first Adoption at Scale

Bizzabo shares their strategies for driving successful user adoption at scale using Gainsight PX.

Since launching in 2012, Bizzabo has become the world’s fastest-growing event tech company. To manage this explosive growth, they needed a way to engage all customers without sacrificing quality interactions.

With a platform that was built to support a variety of use cases, they needed an adoption strategy that would lead each individual to their expected outcome. On top of that, they needed to ensure their adoption strategies could scale with their explosive growth. Join Bizzabo CCO & Co-Founder, Alon Alroy, and Customer Success Manager, Asaf Alshech, as they discuss how they drive user-first adoption strategies with Gainsight PX.

In this webinar, they'll share how they:

  • Balance automated and human engagements
  • Evaluated Product Experience platforms
  • Work cross-functionally to create a smoother customer experience
  • Measure the success of their investments
  • And much more!
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