Case Study

Blackbaud Customer Story

Software solution company Blackbaud powers social good communities such as Faith Communities, Foundations, K-12 Schools, Nonprofits, and more. To transition to a more nimble CS strategy that allowed their Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to prioritize efforts and efficiently reach the maximum number of customers, Blackbaud turned to Gainsight CS. Now the company better understands the needs of its customers, translates those insights into actions, and most importantly, proactively drives outcomes that achieve value.

By implementing Gainsight CS, Blackbaud was able to:

  • Shift from reactive to proactive outreach for at-risk accounts
  • Centralize customer data into a single source of truth and more accurate health scores
  • Optimize customer Success Plans to better achieve desired outcomes

To learn more about how Blackbaud digitally scaled its CS operations with Gainsight CS, read the full case study.

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