Community Integration Checklist

Download this eBook and discover how to use integrations to drive traffic to your community and increase customer engagement in your product.

Generating traffic is at the heart of all online strategies. To put it bluntly, without traffic your community is useless. A community without traffic is like starting a restaurant that entices nobody to step through the door, let alone have a meal. So, that begs the question: how do you drive relevant traffic to your community?

One of the best ways to do this is through integrations. Integrations in key locations will ensure a constant stream of new users and activity. A powerful integration will also present your community’s content in the exact areas where your customers might get stuck—resulting in faster resolutions to customer queries and a slicker user experience.

Integrations are a range of tools that leverage your existing community content in order to provide the right information to the right user, in the right place. Our checklist will not just show you some inSpiring examples and best practices—it also includes new ways of steering users much more efficiently.

What's inside:

  • What are community integrations?
  • How integrations drive traffic
  • Which should you use in your community?
  • How to optimize your integration strategy
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