The Evolution of Customer Success Report: Role Expansion and Compensation in EMEA, 2023

Now available from Gainsight, in partnership with RevOps Squared: The Evolution of Customer Success Report.

It’s official: Customer Success (CS) is firmly established at the “adults table” in SaaS companies. The current economy has shone a spotlight on the role of Customer Success in driving customer value and business revenue. Our research found this reflected in capacity planning and compensation trends across the org chart. The report also benchmarks important evolutions in the Customer Success industry, such as Digital Customer Success and Community Management.

The report includes several key findings, including that 95% of companies plan to maintain or grow their CS org in 2023, 40% of the companies who participated said they have either a Chief Customer Officer or SVP of Customer Success emphasising the critical role of CS, and that 29% of companies said they currently utilise scalable digital experiences like community programs.

Download the report to learn:

  • Total compensation trends across Customer Success and Community roles
  • Composition of total compensation, including base salary and incentive compensation
  • Span of control and criteria used for Customer Success Managers and Community Managers
  • Presence and adoption of Digital Customer Success
  • Adoption and Maturity of Community roles in Customer Success

Download the report and learn how you and your company compare against industry benchmarks!

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