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Dealerware Uses Gainsight CS + PX to Scale Without Increasing Headcount

Fleet management company Dealerware helps car dealerships, dealer groups, and OEMs automate cost recovery, improve efficiencies, and elevate their customers’ experience. As the company experienced explosive growth, they turned to Gainsight CS + PX to help scale their efforts quickly without adding additional staff.

Following the company’s launch in 2016, the marketplace responded enthusiastically to Dealerware’s offering. The unmatched combination of speed and efficiency of their platform resulted in their customer base quickly growing from 3, to 300, to now over 1,000 customers in a few short years. This turbocharged growth presented a huge challenge for the Customer Success team: they needed to optimize implementation and get customers to value without having to invest major resources in additional staff.

In other words, Dealerware needed their Customer Success team to go from 0 to 60. The answer? Souped-up solutions from Gainsight.

By implementing Gainsight CS and Gainsight PX, Dealerware was able to:

  • Promote critical cross-funcitonal collaboration between CS and Product
  • Refine their release strategy for new products and features
  • Leverage in-app engagements and tech touch strategy to scale

To learn more about how Dealerware transformed its CS operations with digital-led tactics to keep pace with its growing customer base, read the case study.

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