Case Study

Gainsight helps Mission achieve 80+ Net Promoter Score for 2 straight years.

Mission Cloud Services leveraged Gainsight to establish a single source of customer truth and a unified customer success process that ultimately drove NPS to new heights.

Mission Cloud Services has always prided itself on its entrepreneurial culture, but as the company grew, its homegrown customer success processes were becoming fragmented, an issue that was compounded by the need to integrate data from three different companies following a merger. The solution? A unified customer success platform provided by Gainsight.

Learn how Gainsight helped Mission Cloud Services:

  • Seamlessly implement a truly customized customer success platform that matched their business needs
  • Gain 24/7 access to real-time customer information, fully integrated with Slack, through the Gainsight Sally AI Bot
  • Achieve ever-higher levels of NPS through data-driven, targeted customer engagements
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