Case Study

O’Reilly Media chooses Gainsight to turn CSMs into proactive partners in every client’s success

To meet the ever-changing demands of the online learning and digital media landscape, O’Reilly knew they needed to get proactive with their customer success strategy. That’s why they chose Gainsight.

Since implementing Gainsight in 2018, their CSMs now have complete visibility into every customer’s data, time-to-value success criteria, and health, which empowers them to drive engagement plans and help customers achieve the outcomes they expect.

Before partnering with Gainsight, O’Reilly’s Customer Success team was forced to work reactively with customers, rather than driving success for each customer. They knew to get ahead of the curve, they needed a more proactive solution that was built around customer health. They also wanted to drive engagement with their customers more easily and authentically.

By utilizing Gainsight CS, O’Reilly was able to:

  • Overcome barriers to cross-functional collaboration
  • Capitalize on scalability and expansion opportunities
  • Arm CSMs with real-time visibility into a customer’s data

To learn more about how O’Reilly reduced churn and modernized its CS operation with Gainsight CS, read the case study.

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