Case Study

How TapCart Took a Comprehensive Approach to Scaling Customer Success Impact

Tapcart, a mobile-app builder and eCommerce innovator, helps Shopify stores of all sizes create, launch, and manage mobile apps. As a growing series B company, they chose Gainsight as their CS management tool to help them scale.

Tapcart aims to make mobile shopping “easy, fun, and attainable for every eCommerce brand.” Launched in 2017, Tapcart is experiencing the kind of growth that creates unique challenges for customer success teams. Namely, they have a large segment of non-enterprise customers who Tapcart didn’t have the resources to fully support in the ways they wanted to. As is common, their team recognized that with certain segments, their response was largely reactive instead of proactive.

With Gainsight CS, Tapcart transformed its CS operation, leveraging a pooled CS model to scale with its growing customer base. Through automation, clarity into customer health data, and a better understanding of their customer journey, Tapcart was able to:

  • Take a proactive stance to reducing churn
  • Automate manual tasks to free up CSMs workload
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources in Gainsight

To learn more about how Tapcart was able to scale efficiently with Gainsight CS, read the case study.

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