Case Study

How Strategy-First Thinking Helped Vertex Nail Gainsight Implementation

Vertex, a tax compliance software company, was looking for the best way to establish and optimize their newly formed customer success operations. With Vertex’s Product team already having purchased Gainsight PX, the CS team realized Gainsight CS was the answer they needed.

In today’s customer-centric economy, consumers and businesses expect products to be so intuitive that they don’t even need to read the directions. Unfortunately, not everything has a simple solution. Tax compliance, for example, is complex.

The Vertex team realized that much of their customer base needed help onboarding and implementing their solution and customer success was the best way to scale that effort.

By first laying down a foundational strategy, then building out CS operations in Gainsight, the Vertex team was able to:

  • Improve the onboarding process
  • Increase product adoption
  • Reduce churn

To learn more about how the Vertex team activated their CS strategy with Gainsight, read the case study.

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