Digital Customer Success Maturity Model

How to Scale a Digital CS Strategy in Three Stages

To build a future-proof business, SaaS organizations need to double down on their most durable source of revenue: their customers. This means driving more value for customers—efficiently and at scale. But there’s one problem: Customer Success Managers (CSMs) need superpowers to make more magic happen with less headcount.

The solution? Digital Customer Success (DCS).

DCS is a strategy to efficiently drive customer adoption, retention, and growth by providing a personalized user experience via omnichannel engagement.

Every organization, including yours, is already dabbling with some form of DCS. However, with multiple disconnected tools, it’s easy to remain stuck in a reactive stance, responding to customer requests ad hoc.

That’s why we created this Maturity Model, so you can move from a reactive approach to:

  • Proactive tactics that empower users to self-serve
  • Personalized user journeys automated by data
  • Predictive customer experiences that utilize AI

Download the Maturity Model today and save your CSMs an average of seven hours per week through DCS.

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