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Delphix Lays the Groundwork for Proactive and Predictive Customer Success With Gainsight

Formed in 2008, Delphix’s mission is to free companies from data friction and accelerate innovation. Delphix customers include category leaders across industries—from retail to finance and healthcare—and represent the most successful, cutting-edge companies in the world.

Struggling to aggregate and consolidate customer data, the Customer Success team – and others, such as Sales – were sometimes surprised and blindsided when it came to forecasts and risk. To scale and enable a proactive approach to customer success, Delphix implemented Gainsight.

With Gainsight serving as a single source of truth:

  • CSMs can proactively drive adoption and retention
  • The product team can strategically make product investments
  • Everyone in the company can make intelligent decisions

Read the case study to learn more about how Gainsight enables Delphix to democratize customer data and drive higher adoption and retention.

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