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How to Discover and Define Your Power Users

Learn the definition of a power user and how to identify the most engaged users in your product.

What really makes a user a power user? Is it the length of time in the product? Is it their knowledge of shortcuts or advanced workflows? It’s questions like these that have been plaguing the product world for as long as we can remember.

Ryan Sherman, VP of Product at Allbound, is all too familiar with these questions and he’s been on a journey to define Allbound’s power user. In this webinar, Ryan will sit down with Denise Stokowski, Group VP of Platform Products at Gainsight, to have a fireside chat around the intricacies of what makes a user into a power user. Then we’ll show you some ways you can use product analytics to further define your product’s power users.

What you will takeaway:

  • What is a power user?
  • How do I tell the difference between my normal users and power users?
  • How to use product analytics to identify your most engaged users.
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