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Driving Customer Experience Transformation Across The Customer Lifecycle

Cisco is using Salesforce and Gainsight together in some incredibly innovative ways to enable a true customer-centric transformation. See what they're doing.

Your customers accept nothing less than a seamless customer experience. But for a company of Cisco's scale, the logistics of delivering that require true innovation.

That innovation happens at the nexus of human ingenuity and machine automation. Cisco is leveraging Gainsight and Salesforce together in a way that is unprecedented in business. They've created a 360-degree view of their customers across the lifecycle from Sales to Customer Success to Delivery, Support, and Renewals. They use personalized, actionable, and AI-driven insights to ensure complete consistency and total cohesion across all customer-facing functions.

Join Cisco's VP CX Digital Transformation & Technology Strategy, Karthik Chakkarapani, Gainsight's CEO, Nick Mehta, and Gainsight's VP Platform Products, Denise Stokowski, as they take a highly-detailed journey inside the systems and processes built in Gainsight and Salesforce that are powering Cisco's customer-centric transformation.

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