The Essential Guide to Recurring Revenue


Revenue. It’s the bottom line for any business. But in the new economy, it’s not enough to build a company on one-time transactions.

Today’s customers demand successful outcomes and great experiences, and if you don’t provide them, the market is fluid enough to meet their needs when you can’t. But if the economy is operating under new rules, how are you supposed to grow your revenue through renewal, expansion, and beyond?

This Essential Guide to Recurring Revenue is your all-in-one primer on how to understand modern recurring revenue relationships. It has detailed breakdowns on the different types of recurring revenue business models, all the metrics required to benchmark success, and best-practice strategies to compete and win in the subscription economy.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • The underlying drivers of the recurring revenue economy.
  • The most common challenges recurring revenue businesses face.
  • Recurring revenue metrics and how to calculate them.
  • The difference between lean and expensive revenue.
  • Revenue operations tactics.
  • What systems and processes you need to grow recurring revenue.
  • And more!
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Developed in Partnership with Growth Molecules

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