On-Demand Webinar

Finding Friction in Your User Journey & How to Fix It

Learn how to find and resolve points of frustration in your product from Agata Bugaj, Senior Product Manager at Fullstory.

Slow load times. Form after form after form. Buttons that don’t work. Is your blood boiling just thinking about them? The same could be happening to your users right now.

We've all had our share of frustrating user experiences, but they don't have to happen in your product. Join Agata Bugaj, Senior Director of Product Management at FullStory, as she shares tactics to find and solve points of friction in your product.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify points of friction in your product.
  • Increase engagement and adoption
  • Balance new feature work with frustration fixes
  • And much more!
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