Forrester's Look to Customer Success to Drive Growth


Nearly 70 percent of companies with customer success (CS) programs increased customer retention, while 91 percent of companies without a CS programs believe their customers suffer through issues that could be prevented or reduced if they had one. What investments and organizational changes does a business need to ensure their digital services are delivering differentiated value to customers?

Digital business and customer success go hand in hand. In this day and age, if you haven’t shifted to digital services (i.e, if you don’t have software-driven or software-supported offerings sold as a subscription service that is accessed online), you’re putting your business at risk. Companies that do not invest in customer success programs or the technological and organizational structures that support them will struggle.

How do we know this? Gainsight commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the importance of customer success in serving customers, along with the technological and organizational requirements to successfully deliver customer success. To explore this topic, Forrester Consulting surveyed 160 customer success decision-makers at U.S enterprises.

Learn why customer success is an imperative to digital businesses and access key recommendations for building and sustaining customer success organization.

In this study, you’ll learn:

  • Why enterprise executives believe customer success is valuable and essential to the growth of digital businesses.
  • The requirements needed for an effective customer success program.
  • Common organizational changes and technological investments to create a cohesive cross-functional strategy.
  • Key recommendations you need to make to create a sustainable digital business.
  • And more!
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