Case Study

How Gong Uses Community to Fuel ARR and Customer Retention

Revenue Intelligence platform Gong’s active community enabled knowledge sharing at scale and improved customer retention, product stickiness, and ARR.

Learn how Gong partnered with Gainsight to drive revenue growth and improve customer retention in their Revenue Intelligence platform. With 12K unique visitors and 4.5K registered members, Gong's community, Visioneers, helped to integrate community into existing workflows, leading to a 3x higher upsell rate.

By leveraging Gainsight's federated search functionality, users could easily find the answers they needed, whether within the community or external content. Gong also embedded community into its broader business, working closely with Customer Success, Education and Training, Solutions Strategy, Support, Professional Services, and Customer Success Operations. The Education and Training team was one of Gong's strongest partners, with the community found as a natural fit within the Gong Academy. With higher retention rates and increased self-service resolution rates, Gong continues to grow its community to reinforce its value as an integral part of its overall business strategy.

Learn how Gong:

  • Utilized Digital Hub for a 3x higher upsell rate
  • Boosted engagement and collaboration between internal teams and customers
  • Enabled its customers to self-serve through Digital Hub’s federated search

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