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Goodlord's Secret to Maximising Their Team's Internal Gainsight Adoption

If you think you're getting the most out of your customer success platform, try focusing on your team's internal adoption. Learn how Goodlord did it.

The power of a customer success platform is undeniable and can radically impact your ability to achieve your customers' desired outcomes.

But is your team really getting the most they can out of the technology?

Phil Hart and Tom Goodman at Goodlord have cracked the code and are ready to share their secret to success. They will reveal how they approach using Gainsight's Customer Success platform to improve their team's operational efficiency -- with plenty of examples that showcase journey orchestrator, playbooks, running reports, and more!

Join Tom, Phil, and Gainsight's Director of Customer Success, Easton Taylor, as they take you through the strategies they used to increase Goodlord's internal adoption of Gainsight, the lessons they learned along the way, and the tools that allowed their team to scale. You'll discover how they leveraged usage data, the rules engine, and a model of CSM workload for their account handover model.

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