The guide to building a Digital Customer Success Program for B2B SaaS companies

Discover how CS teams can build their first Digital Customer Success Program, key components of a digital-led model and what they need in order to succeed.

A guide for B2B SaaS companies to understand how to build a successful Digital Customer Success Program.

By 2022, most B2B SaaS companies will have moved to a predominantly digital-led Customer Success model where automation, personalization, and engagement enable teams to facilitate better customer experiences at scale.

This will also help Customer Success establish itself as a strategic function that drives sustainable growth by decreasing Time to Value

That’s why in this guide, we’re outlining how Customer Success teams can build their first digital-led models, what that entails, and what they need to succeed.

Download the guide to building a Digital Customer Success Program for B2B SaaS companies and learn:

  • The limitations of “traditional” Customer Success
  • The five components of Digital Customer Success
  • Rebuilding the customer journey w/ key product behaviors
  • Choosing and building our your most effective channels
  • The role of a customer community in your channel strategy
  • Measuring your digital-led KPIs: Reach, Effect, ROI
  • Structuring your Customer Success team
  • Building your tech stack for success
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