Hiring For CS Execs Webinar Series - The C-Level Disciplines for Hiring a Senior Customer Success Leader

Our panel of CEOs, executive recruitment, and CS leadership discusses a real-world case study of Kindred Partners recruiting Chris Doell as CCO of Auditboard.

Customer success is one of the hottest markets — but for many organizations, it can be a challenge to identify what characteristics to look for when hiring a CS executive. On the flip side, for executives, it's not always clear what the "right" next job is, or how to find an organization that's commited to investing in customer success. Get the perspectives of a CEO, CCO, and executive recruiting firm in the hiring process. Join Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, as he leads this panel discussion with a real world example as Kindred Partners recruits Chris Doell as CCO of Auditboard. 

What you'll takeaway:

  • Insights about the hiring process within C-level disciplines
  • As a CS leader, how to decide when you're ready for the next career move
  • Tips for identifying compatibility for both companies and candidates
  • And more!

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