How Gainsight gets the most from their community

Gainsight's community is the perfect one-stop-shop where users can share product feedback and find out about the latest roadmap updates. Find out exactly how they do it in this eBook.

All products spark questions—and suggestions—from customers right? But gathering, and answering those questions can be a tricky task for any organization.

The beauty of online communities is that they offer a secure, transparent one-stop-shop where customers can ask questions, and you can gather their feedback on your product.

Download our free eBook to discover how Gainsight manage this workflow effectively and efficiently with their online community, ultimately helping them build a better product.

In this eBook you'll find out how Gainsight use their community to:

  • Seamlessly gather user feedback
  • Communicate product updates effectively with their users
  • Create beta groups to test new features before rolling them out
  • Promote engagement with community gamification
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