How to Scale Onboarding to Every User Without Adding a Single Headcount

Doing more with less has become a staple for successful customer success organizations. This is especially true during customer onboarding, where flawless execution and red carpet experiences can create clients for life. So in a world with limited resources, how do you ensure all of your customers get the experience they expect?

It's not only possible for you to do it, you can do it sustainably through process and technology. We'll tell you exactly how to do it. Join Ganesh Subramanian, Director, Product Marketing, and Travis Kaufman, VP Product Growth, who'll walk you through the organizational and workflow frameworks as well as the technology you'll need to scale onboarding through process not headcount.

In this webinar, you'll learn how businesses use Gainsight PX to scale their onboarding to every user through finely tuned in-app engagement.

You'll hear best practices for:

  • Right time, right message comms
  • Synchronizing channels
  • Aligning stakeholders
  • And much more.
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