In-App Engagement Kit


The complete kit for anyone who wants to supercharge adoption and onboarding in their product.

In-app engagements, those outreaches that happen within your product, are ideal for getting the right information to the right users. But, send out too many and they’ll hurt your product experience more than they help. This In-App Engagement Kit has everything you need to create a complete in-app engagement strategy. Inside the kit, you’ll find:

  • The Guide to In-App Engagements: Covers the basics and provides steps to set up a governance plan that will keep users safe from the dreaded “in-app engagement fatigue.”
  • The TRUSt Framework for In-App Engagements: A handy reference to keep everyone aligned on how to use in-app engagements.
  • Request Form Template: An example form to ensure that requests from other departments come with all the necessary information you need to prioritize, create, and launch them.
  • Copy Templates: Easily create eight of the most-used types of engagements with these helpful templates.
  • Tracking Template: Use this spreadsheet template to organize, track, and measure the results of your in-app engagements.

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