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Kobiton Achieved 125% Revenue Growth and 143% Free Trial Conversion-to-Paid Growth with Gainsight PX

Founded in 2016, Kobiton provides a mobile device testing platform that accelerates the testing and delivery of mobile applications by offering live device testing in the cloud. About 70-80% of Kobiton customers start as free trial users, and Kobiton’s goal is to entice these organizations to on-ramp and then scale with these customers as their mobile operations mature.

To encourage more free self-serve trial users to convert to paid users, Kobiton chose Gainsight PX to help guide users, show the effects of engagements, and deliver insightful data.

With Gainsight PX, Kobiton has been able to:

  • Tailor engagements based on users’ actions or inactions within Kobiton
  • Gain insights into which paid users are more likely to be retained
  • Exceed self-serve quota goals for a year

Read the case study to learn more about how Kobiton achieved outstanding revenue growth and free trial conversions with Gainsight PX.

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