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How To Launch A Customer Success Solution In A Startup—Fast

If you think you can't implement a CS solution fast enough to save your most at-risk customers, you're wrong. Learn how Leadspace and Gainsight did it.

Your customers' natural tendency isn't to renew—it's to churn.

And chances are they already know whether they're going to churn this year. Do you know?

You may think it's too late to implement the people, processes, and technology that can avert churn, improve retention, turbocharge expansion, and transform your startup into a customer-centric company built to hit escape velocity. But it can be done—Leadspace made it happen, and so can you.

Join Sherrod Patching, Chief Customer Officer of Leadspace, and Easton Taylor, Director Customer Success at Gainsight, as they take you through the strategies they used to launch a CS solution, the lessons learned along the way, and a prescriptive process you can use to turn your company into the next Leadspace-style success story.

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