Case Study

Learnship Leverages Gainsight CS and PX

Create a Digital Customer Success Strategy, Fueling Adoption at Scale Among Their Huge User Base

Discover how Learnship, a leading language learning solutions provider, revolutionized its high-touch strategy and achieved remarkable ROI by leveraging Gainsight CS and PX.

Here’s what Learnship has achieved:

  • Increased User Engagement: Learnship achieved higher user engagement by scaling outreach to tens of thousands of users through Gainsight's Journey Orchestrator, resulting in significant user adoption and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Customer Experience: Gainsight became Learnship's central source of truth, aligning customer and end-user teams. This unified approach fostered seamless communication and collaboration, creating a consistent and delightful experience for all stakeholders.
  • Measurable Time Savings: Learnship saved valuable time and resources by leveraging Gainsight CS and PX. The platform facilitated quick NPS surveys and visualized the results for customers, driving actionable insights and swift decision-making.

Download the full case study to explore how Learnship's partnership with Gainsight elevated their customer experience and generated impressive ROI.

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