On-Demand Webinar

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Sales and Customer Success teams spend a lot of time responding to customer requests and often-times unreasonable expectations to create memorable experiences for their customers. What if the time spent on these requests not only solved the customer’s problem, but it also created new revenue-generating opportunities, higher retention rates, longer-term contracts, and deeper connection with clients?

Watch Kelly Moertle, founder and CEO of KCM Coaching, for this engaging and interactive webinar to learn some of the tips and techniques for enhancing
the conversations you’re having with clients to achieve better business outcomes.
Participants will learn:

  • 3 key tips for quickly de-escalating emotional situations and building a connection with clients
  • Techniques for uncovering hidden opportunities when navigating difficult situations
  • The #1 thing you must do to build trust with your clients
  • And more!
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Developed in Partnership with Growth Molecules

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