Case Study

Matterport Customer Story

Matterport is the world's leading spatial data company, providing its customers with an easy way to digitize and index spaces online. As its small and medium-sized business started to grow rapidly, the company needed to find a way to scale its existing CS efforts.

In [2022], the company implemented Gainsight to optimize data management and create automated customer journeys. This has resulted in Matterport’s ability to scale its adoption, expansion, retention, and overall customer success efforts without sacrificing effectiveness.

By implementing Gainsight CS, Matterport was able to:

  • Scale digitally to serve their customer base
  • Use Journey Orchestrator to drive effective customer engagement
  • Enable better data and risk assessment
  • Grow revenue via expansion

To learn more about how Matterport successfully created a low-touch, high-volume customer success solution, read the case study here!

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