MMIT Uses Gainsight PX to Mitigate Churn

MMIT, a trusted solution in the healthcare industry, offers a wide range of products for their customers but struggled to gather the necessary data to understand their customers’ overall health score and how they used the product. Gainsight PX offered simplicity, easy adoption, and intuitive implementation for their team.

Although the MMIT CSM team had no issue with connecting with their customers, they lacked the visibility to see how their customers were using their products. The CSMs spoke highly of customers’ attitudes at each engagement, but the product usage told a different story. This resulted in being unable to be proactive about the customers’ received value and churn.

By implementing Gainsight PX, MMIT was able to:

  • Quickly share information across teams to bridge the knowledge gaps
  • Identify trends that verify the features, products, and strategies to serve current customers and future acquisitions
  • Provide reliable usage data to guide their product roadmap

To learn more about how MMIT uses Gainsight PX, read the case study.

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