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Moveworks Leverages Gainsight To Efficiently Scale Customer Success and Manage the Company’s Growing Customer Base

Elevating Customer Success: How Moveworks Transformed with Gainsight

Moveworks, a pioneering AI copilot platform, faced rapid growth within the burgeoning AI-driven enterprise sector. However, this expansion posed a significant challenge for their customer success team. As their team grew from 6 to approximately 25 managers in just two years, manual processes hindered their scalability and their ability to deliver top-tier service. In this case study, we explore how Gainsight played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Moveworks' operations to address these pressing issues.

Embracing Gainsight, Moveworks underwent a profound transformation in their customer success approach. They streamlined data management by centralizing customer information, enabling instant customer health assessments. Success Plans and Goals provided unprecedented visibility into account strategies and customer objectives. Moreover, Moveworks harnessed the power of automation, including email campaigns and NPS surveys, to significantly boost operational efficiency and grant their Customer Success Managers (CSMs) more time for value-added tasks. This comprehensive solution empowered Moveworks to optimize their operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

See some of the impact here:

  • 4,000 Cumulative Hours Saved: Automation initiatives, including email campaigns, saved valuable CSM time.
  • 1,850 Automated Emails: Sent in just 6 months, promoting self-serve motions and product features.
  • Greater Focus on Customers: CSMs now have more time to engage with customers, aligning with Moveworks' high-touch strategy.

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