Case Study

MYOB leverages Gainsight to fuel cross-functional collaboration

As a leading business management platform helping small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Australia and New Zealand, MYOB has built a sophisticated pre- and post-sales process that involves Sales, Accounts, Customer Success, and other teams. But Customer Success wanted a better way to manage conversations between internal teams and keep everyone on the same page. Enter Gainsight.

MYOB utilized a range of Gainsight tools to build an internal survey initiative that managed internal communications, collected customer data, and improved customer support, all from one centralized customer success platform.

Learn how MYOB:

  • Used Anonymous Surveys to collect actionable data from internal stakeholders
  • Deployed Data Designer to manage the information and merge it with other customer success data
  • Managed the entire process with a custom-built Dashboard

Read the full case study.

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