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Online Software Reviews: How to Use Them and How to Get Them

Most software buyers already know which product they’re going to purchase long before they ever reach out.

How do they know? The same way you know what you’re going to buy on Amazon or which restaurant you choose on Yelp or Google: online reviews.

But in the case of SaaS, the impact of these reviews isn’t fleeting—it sets the tone for what you hope will become a years-long relationship that grows and expands as each partner does.

You need to have the right people, process, and technology to understand and take advantage of this ecosystem before it takes advantage of you. In this webinar, you’ll hear from Marie Macbain, VP of Research Operations at G2 Crowd, on how to make better use of online reviews in your purchasing decisions as well as get actionable best practices to inform your strategy with regards to online reviews. Then Amanda Meinert, Manager of Customer Marketing at Gainsight, will give you some evidence-based tactics to get more and better online reviews by activating advocates with right-time, right-message communications.

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