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Prepare to Launch: LeanIX Achieves Data Readiness in 28 Days

If you think you can only get flawless data after a year's worth of work, try the LeanIX approach to achieve data readiness in less than a month.

Most people assume that you can only get flawless data after a year's worth of work... or longer.

LeanIX has debunked that assumption with speedy data preparation even Lewis Hamilton would appreciate.

In this webinar, Christian Richter, SVP Customer Success, and Christian Hoermann, Customer Success Manager, at LeanIX will explain how they implemented Gainsight in 28 days and empowered their growing CSM team (5 to 30 people in a year!) by driving clean data faster than you can say Formula 1.

Joining Christian and Christian is Easton Taylor, Gainsight's Director of Customer Success. They'll cover strategies to collect all types of customer data in one place, unify and enrich the data for enhanced insight, and drive insight-driven action across all customer-facing teams. This webinar is full of actionable examples, including how Success Snapshots 2.0 helped reduced EBR preparation time by 98%.

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