Product Experience: A Key Driver Of Your Customer Success Journey

How Product Experience Drives Customers Success

How do you ensure alignment between Product and Customer Success teams, especially when your CS program is just getting established? Working to create that healthy foundation can feel a lot like the work of a therapist. But, Gainsight is here to take over as your trusted couples therapists.

We have tips to ensure that the critical relationship between Product and CS is strong, so that your customer experience is nothing but remarkable.

In our Essential Tool, Product Experience: A Key Driver Of Your Customer Success Journey, we cover everything you need to help early maturity CS teams win the hearts of their product management counterparts, including best practices for feature requests, collecting, organizing, and filtering product feedback and more.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • The 4C’s of product enhancement requests
  • Probing questions for customers to clarity their needs
  • Customer request weighting
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