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Digital Customer Success Package: uplevel CS with new digital superpowers

During this year’s Pulse, we introduced a new package for Gainsight Customers that makes it incredibly easy to start with, automate or optimize your digital customer engagement strategy: The Digital Customer Success package.

The first package that provides all tools you need to get the most out of customer self-service, in-product engagements, guides, and customer education. Packaged together in one product, so you can eliminate the fragmented digital experience your customers have grown to dislike.

Put simply: the DCS package will allow you to uplevel CS with new digital superpowers!

The new DCS package will allow you to:

  • Create customer-driven and curated content for your end-users while connecting them to peers in similar roles or organizations through your customer community
  • Surface relevant (helpful) content from within your product, and create the in-product guides and journeys your users need to get value quickly
  • Create targeted (personalized) journeys for all customers, spanning segments and across all channels
  • Create and close a feedback loop with your customers, or for example, between your customers and the rest of your organization

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