The Role Of Change Management In Your Customer Success Platform Selection

Putting customer success at the center of your business won’t happen magically. Even if everyone agrees that it is the priority, you will need to collaborate and communicate constantly to ensure everyone stays on the same page. Alignment across all stakeholders is essential for you to succeed.

One key decision where designing your CS program will be the role technology plays in helping achieve customer outcomes. It's not enough to have a process for considering and eventually deciding on a platform. You'll need to help guide how new mindsets and ways of doing things will play into the ultimate decision. 

Key principles must be followed to prepare, align, communicate, and educate everyone involved, so that everyone is on the same page with how a technology investment will support expected results. 

Change management is an essential skill for early stage customer success leaders to develop, and we explain how in our Essential Tool: Changing Minds & Mindsets Along Your Customer Success Journey.

Download to learn:

  • The critical differences between change management and project management
  • How to align stakeholders by recruiting allies and managing challengers
  • Expectation management through the process
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