The SaaS CEO’s Guide to Measuring R&D Teams

See 7 top-level measurements, each with underlying input metrics

Measuring the success of sales, marketing, and customer success teams has existed as a standard practice in any organization. But when it comes to Product teams, the same hasn’t always been the case. In the SaaS era, metrics around Product Teams’ success are just as critical as ever via its impact across the entire client journey - from marketing to sales to onboarding to renewal to expansion to advocacy.

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This eBook will provide you with a framework you can leverage within your own organization, ensuring success for you and your Product team.

  • Examine our 7 top-level measurements, each with underlying input metrics
  • Re-define your Product team review cycle, aligning your Product and CS teams
  • Remain consistent in how you talk about success at a Product level, bolstering transparency within your organization
  • And more!
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