2022 SaaS Market Report

The market may shift, but investors and CEOs are clear about their growth plan in 2022

We’ve all seen the headlines. We’re all feeling a sense of uncertainty due to unexpected market changes. But, we wanted to get to the truth. What does the data reveal about how businesses plan to respond to the downturn? 

We couldn’t find any data, so we collected it ourselves. The 2022 Saas Market Report surveyed investors and CEOs about everything from their GTM strategy, to the most important investments they’re making right now, and the metrics they’re using to understand their growth.

Download the report to understand:

  • The organizations that investors agree are the most important to invest in during this economic downturn
  • The GTM strategies CEO trust to grow their customer base despite slowed spending from customers
  • Six steps necessary to build durable, efficient growth for your company
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