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SailPoint Evolves to a Strategic, Proactive Customer Success Approach Supported by Gainsight

Founded in 2005, SailPoint is the leading provider of enterprise identity
governance solutions and is led by a team of tenured identity veterans. The
company helps customers to efficiently and securely govern the digital identities
of employees, contractors, business partners, and other users, managing their
constantly changing access rights to enterprise applications and data. SailPoint
give customers the critical visibility they need into who currently has access to
which resources, who should have access to those resources, and how that access
is being used.

From the start, SailPoint’s founding team understood the importance of helping
its customers succeed. Customer success is a core component of the company’s
culture, from CEO Mark McClain down to the rest of the organization. In his view,
“our customers’ success breeds our success.” SailPoint’s Customer Success team,
which includes a Customer Success Manager (CSM) for every SailPoint customer, is
measured not by how much activity it generates, but by the impact of that activity
on the company’s success.

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