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Samsara Leverages Data-Driven Automation from Gainsight to Improve Customer Onboarding and Sentiment

Discover how Samsara, the trailblazer in IoT solutions, transformed their customer onboarding and sentiment strategy using Gainsight's data-driven automation. Dive into the details of their remarkable success story and learn how your business can achieve similar results.

In the fast-evolving landscape of IoT, Samsara recognized the need to revolutionize its customer success approach. The challenge lay in managing their extensive array of low Annual Contract Value customers effectively. To address this, Samsara harnessed the power of Gainsight's data-driven automation to streamline their customer journey.

Samsara's partnership with Gainsight resulted in a seamless orchestration of their customer journey, encompassing critical phases such as pre-sale, onboarding, value realization, and renewal. By automating touchpoints, Gainsight empowered Samsara's Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to proactively engage with customers, ensuring milestones are met and interventions occur precisely when needed.

Since implementing Gainsight, Samsara has been able to see these results:

  • CSAT Soars from 4.2 to 4.4
  • 37% Surge in EBRs
  • 21% Uplift in Onboarding Success

See how Samsara improved its customer journey with Gainsight's data-driven automation. Download the full story today!

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