Vista Endeavor Fund Webinar

Building and Scaling your Customer Success Capabilities

7/27/2022 9:00am PST

Customer success is not only an essential part of winning businesses from SaaS to healthcare. It is also a primary growth driver. The work of Customer Success impacts everything from Net Revenue Retention to product roadmaps.

Launching your CS organization and implementing best practices is critical for your company but getting started can feel overwhelming. The good news is, with Gainsight, a Vista Equity owned leader in the space, the process is quite simple!

To help you kickstart your process, we created this webinar to answer all your CS questions.

During our time together you will learn:

  • How to align your organization around a customer-first philosophy
  • Identify the metrics and milestones to track
  • Operationalize your processes to scale with your company’s growth
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Developed in Partnership with Growth Molecules

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