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Software AG Achieves New Product Experience Vision With Gainsight PX

Software AG has pivoted to support the digital transformation of its global industry customers through an enhanced product experience supported by Gainsight PX.

As one of the largest industrial software vendors in Europe, Software AG faced a complex challenge: how to successfully onboard and retain a wide range of user personas into their IoT and analytics self-service tools. The answer? Gainsight PX. 

Software AG developed a plan to make product experience a key pillar of its business strategy—and it worked. The company shifted to a subscription model, supported its users through an enhanced free trial experience, and utilized PX data to understand key features and eliminate friction points.

By using Gainsight PX, Software AG achieved:

  • A ten-fold increase in user survey engagement (NPS)
  • A 4x increase in new customer training and webinar attendance
  • Double-digit revenue growth quarter over quarter

Read the case study to learn more about how Software AG leveraged Gainsight PX to propel its product experience, and its customers’ operations, into the digital era.

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