The Case for User-Level Onboarding in the Age of the Customer

The majority of churn events can trace their origins to botched customer onboardings. It's hard to overstate how important a rock-solid onboarding process is—and it's just as hard to overstate how difficult that is to achieve.

Why is it so difficult? Most companies onboard at the account level, even though it's ultimately end users who need onboarding. But that's where you run into scalability issues. So what's the answer? Gainsight is proud to partner with Skilljar, Conversica, and Coastal Cloud to address this mission-critical issue. Join us for a can't-miss webinar that will make the case for user-level onboarding and give you a strategy and a process to scale it across your customer base.


  • Travis Kaufman, VP Product Growth, Gainsight
  • Jamey Jeff, Managing Director - Customer Success Solutions, Coastal Cloud
  • Brian Kaminski, Chief Customer Officer, Conversica
  • Linda Schwaber-Cohen, Product Marketing, Skilljar

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to leverage and optimize different onboarding channels.
  • How to balance automation with personal touch to scale without sacrificing results.
  • How to create a "continuous onboarding" strategy as opposed to a one-time process.
  • And much more!
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