The Customer Visibility Playbook

How visibility transforms simple interactions into long-lasting customer relationships

The more a company knows about its customers, the better that company can serve them and build loyalty that can translate into repeat or resubscribing opportunities. It is essential to not just gather but also analyze various customer data points that can inform your teams about their experience with your product or service. It is through that holistic customer view that you proactively transform your customer interactions and relationships into meaningful insights. So, how can you create crystal clear visibility into your customer base?

In this eBook, Gainsight shares:

  • Why Customer visibility equals customer-centricity Insights to look for when checking in on customers
  • The importance of measuring customer health on a continuum
  • How visibility transforms simple interactions into customer-satisfying interventions
  • How Gainsight enables customer visibility—from proactive support, to using the “show, don’t tell” concept
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Developed in Partnership with Growth Molecules

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