The TRUSt Framework for In-App Engagements


There’s a fine line between helpful and spammy when you’re talking to customers inside your product.

In-app engagements—outreaches that occur within your product—are one of the most effective ways to drive awareness and adoption. But when your customer success, marketing, and product teams are each sending their own communications, that line gets even finer. No communication strategy is complete without an engagement agreement. With Gainsight’s TRUSt Framework, you can stay aligned on your definition of what’s helpful so you can deliver a seamless customer experience that benefits users.

Download Gainsight’s TRUSt Framework and share it with all your internal teams that send in-app engagements. Use the TRUSt Framework to answer questions like:

  • Is this engagement going to add or detract from the customer experience?
  • Should I be sending this email to everyone or just a select group?
  • Should users be able to opt out of this type of engagement?
  • And more!

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