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How ReviewPro Upsells and Cross-Sells Using Gainsight

If you think you're getting the most out of your upsell and cross-sell campaigns, focus on automation and customer health. Learn how ReviewPro does it.

If it's the beginning of the month, quarter, or year, of course you're thinking about your expansion quota.

Although it's likely a new term, were you panicking at the end of last term forecasting against your upsell quota?

Few companies breeze through their upsell and cross-sell motions, but ReviewPro is one of them. In this detailed webinar, you'll discover how ReviewPro introduced the Gainsight Customer Success solution to measure and manage customer health. At first, they wanted to provide visibility into the progress of every client and the amount of effort it took to fully implement a customer.

Join Neil James, VP of Global Customer Success and Janire Rodriguez, Customer Success Team Leader, at ReviewPro as they discuss the strategies they used to drive revenue from the Customer Success team. They'll be joined by Adam Joseph, Director of EMEA Customer Success at Gainsight. The primary focus of the webinar is to cover tactical ways ReviewPro built their best-in-class upsell and cross-sell program leveraging Gainsight. From internal competitions to tracking consultancy packs to a fully automated upsell campaign, you won't want to miss this webinar!

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